It’s been a while since my last video so I’ve decided to get out & about to do some long exposure landscape photography.

In this video I go to Dalkeith Country Park to take a shot of Dalkeith Palace which was built in 1702. In this landscape photography shot I try to find an unusual perspective by photographing the palace from behind a bridge. Things paid off as there was a waterfall at the location which allowed me to use my ND filter for a long exposure shot to get the water silky smooth.

I ended up replacing my smashed Lee Big Stopper with a Lee Super Stopper which blocks 15 stops of light as opposed to the 10 stops I had before. Unfortunately, I learnt the hard way that this would result in significantly long shutter speeds and the final image took around 20 minutes to expose properly. Left me with a lot of time to contemplate the meaning of life.

Hopefully you enjoy this video and, if you’re just getting into landscape photography, it inspires you to get out taking photos.

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