I’ve had an urge to do some more long exposure landscape photography but this time I decided to get away from Edinburgh & go for a two-hour drive to Loch Lomond in search of a simple composition. I’ve scoped this one out & have decided to shoot a long exposure of a jetty.

In this video, I’ll try to give you a bit more insight as to how I set up my shots for this type of landscape photography shot. You’ll remember in my last video I used a Lee Super Stopper (15 stop) that, when shooting in shadows, resulted in a crazily long shutter speed of 20 minutes. I’ve decided to have mercy on it & give it another bash before giving up & going back to a more manageable Big Stopper (10 stop). It was lucky as thankfully, in direct sunlight the shutter speed was just over 6 minutes. I talk you through how I use the Lee Filters app to calculate shutter speed for this long exposure.

I generally don’t shoot landscape photography shots with the subject dead centre but in this shot I wanted something simple & broke my usual rules so I’ll talk you through the composition as well. I also ended up having to adjust my game plan as when a boat went past I ended up discovering that the jetty moves when waves are kicked up.

I’ve got to say that this is definitely one of my favourite shots. The end image turned out to be absolutely stunning. The combination of a dark rain cloud above me & light breaking through the clouds on the horizon results in a dramatic image combined with the ND filter long exposure getting the water silky smooth & clouds streaking.

Hopefully you enjoy this video and, if you’re just getting into landscape photography, it inspires you to get out taking photos.

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